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Insulated Glass

Insulating glass is manufactured by a number of companies around the world, including Guardian Industries, the supplier for Brady-Built Sunrooms. Guardian is one of the largest manufacturers of glass in the world.

Each insulating glass (IG) unit is comprised of three basic components; the inner and outer sheets of glass, the spacer and the edge seal. In most cases one of the sheets of glass is clear, while the other is tinted and has a low-e coating on one surface. The tint is a means of controlling solar heat gain and the low-e coating helps reduce radiant heat loss. All Brady-Built Sunrooms use tempered glass. We choose to use tempered glass for its resistance to breakage and most importantly for its safety benefits.

The edge spacer is a metal or plastic band that holds the two sheets of glass apart by about 1/2". Until recent years most spacers were made from aluminum. The aluminum spacer was filled with a desiccant that helped assure that there would be no moisture between the sheets of glass. When moisture is present, it can condense in cold weather causing fogging. Today, Brady-Built uses Super Spacer® by Edgetech. This is a "warm edge" spacer that helps to improve the overall efficiency of the IG unit. The old aluminum spacers caused a "short circuit" in the IG units insulating qualities by conducting heat from the warm side of the glass to the cool side. The silicone foam warm edge spacer is an excellent insulator, so the heat loss at the edges is greatly reduced. The spacer is bonded to the glass using an acrylic adhesive. The space between the glass sheets is filled with argon gas. Argon is used because it is a better insulator than air and does not react with other IG components.

The final step in making the IG unit is the secondary seal. This is a hot melt butyl seal that is placed around the entire outside edge of the IG unit. This seal helps to assure that the Argon remain within the panel and that moisture cannot enter it.

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